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Press release Canva raises $US6 million

Canva raises $US6 million and announces “Canva for Work” to cater to 200,000 organisations using the platform


● Driven by strong demand, Canva to launch new product specifically for teams and organisations: “Canva for Work”
● Canva now has over 2.2 million users who have created 18.5 million designs, exponential growth set to continue with entry to new markets
● More than one design is created with Canva every second
● $US6 million round, led by new investor Asia-Pacific based AirTree Ventures and existing investors Silicon Valley’s Matrix Partners, Shasta Ventures and Asia-Pacific firm Blackbird Ventures

Sydney, Australia — 04/05/15 — Online design platform Canva today announced it will set out to change the way every company designs with its new team offering, “Canva for Work”, which will launch next month.

This announcement comes on the back of impressive growth. In the past twenty months, Canva has grown to 2.3 million users who have created more than fifteen million designs. There are now over 200,000 companies and organisations represented on Canva, some with up to 180 employees using the platform.

“It’s incredible that people create one design per second with Canva,” said CEO and co-founder Melanie Perkins. “Ever since we launched, we’ve been flooded with interest from a broad spectrum of companies, from large multinationals and franchises, to design agencies, startups and even real estate agents who want to ensure consistent branding across their marketing materials and documents.”

Canva’s growth has been driven by a vocal fan base of content creators such as marketers, bloggers, and graphic designers. Canva’s growth has been exponential, with 65% of users joining in the past six months.

“As the world becomes an increasingly visual place, the existing tools provided by Microsoft and Adobe no longer meet the needs of companies where everyone has to create high quality graphics and express their ideas visually. We couldn’t be more excited to announce ‘Canva for Work’, which we believe will transform the way every company works,” continued Perkins.

A survey by Canva of 500 small and medium businesses owners in the US revealed these facts:

● 79% of business owners find designing marketing materials time consuming
● 87% said that they wished design was more efficient at their company
● 78% of companies said that people who are not professional designers create social media graphics, customer facing presentations, and other marketing materials
● 60% of people said they were not confident that all of their marketing materials reflected their brand guidelines.

With more than 40% of Fortune 500 companies already using Canva, Melanie said a comprehensive team product was something that thousands of people had been asking for.

“Canva for Work” will be launching officially next month. However, companies who want to be the first to try “Canva for Work” can pre-register at

Due to Canva’s tremendous growth, existing investors including Matrix Partners, Shasta Ventures and Blackbird Ventures, alongside AirTree Ventures, have invested an additional $6 million of capital in the company.

“Canva is quietly building an phenomenal product that is showing incredible traction with its user base,” said Craig Blair from AirTree Ventures.

“Canva is one of those very rare companies that experiences rapid growth as a utility tool. It’s phenomenal to see the fanbase behind Canva and the immense potential of their new product ‘Canva for Work’,” said Josh Hannah from Matrix Partners.

Tod Francis managing director at Shasta Ventures, commented: “We’ve been impressed with Canva’s growth and the team’s execution on what is a mammoth vision. Canva has taken off with people around the world. We’re looking forward to continuing to work with the team as they focus on redefining how design is done in the workplace.”