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Sales funnel metrics you should be tracking in your SaaS startup

By Elicia McDonald

This is Part 2 of my blog series on enterprise sales, you can read Part 1 here

Building an enterprise sales model is really hard..

Elicia McDonald Mar 07, 2018

AirTree: 2017 Year in Review

What a year it’s been for all of us in #startupaus! Innovation and technology are on the national agenda in a way they never..

Craig Blair Dec 22, 2017

Bringing predictive decision support to the paddock: our investment in Flurosat

Flurosat’s founder Anastasia Volkova

by Elicia McDonald & John Henderson

Here at AirTree, we are always thinking about industries where Australia has a significant..

Elicia McDonald & John Henderson Dec 21, 2017

When SaaS founders shouldn’t be afraid of hiring a sales team

Elicia McDonald

When SaaS founders shouldn’t be afraid of hiring a sales team

By Elicia McDonald

In the world of SaaS startups there seems to be..

Elicia McDonald Dec 14, 2017

AI-driven customer insights: our investment in Thematic

Thematic Founders: Nathan Holmberg and Alyona Medelyan

by John Henderson

Customer centricity is the defining characteristic of successful modern businesses. The iconic companies of today..

John Henderson Nov 29, 2017

Rethinking property management: our investment in :Different

Different founders Ruwin Perera and Mina Radhakrishnan Picture: Supplied

Large stagnant industries where NPS is low and margins are unsustainably high

We love to back..

Craig Blair Oct 17, 2017

World class Aussie founders: Our investment in Snappr

Part of the Snappr team in San Francisco, California, including co-founders Ed Kearney (far left) and Matt Schiller (far right)

Our mission at AirTree is to..

Sep 13, 2017

Machine learning meets mining: our investment in EARTH AI

Roman Teslyuk, EARTH AI founder

John Henderson

Intelligent software will disrupt every industry. Some industries will take longer to transform than others, but it is..

John Henderson Sep 05, 2017

How Aussie start-ups can scale up and avoid hitting the wall after getting funded

When I decided to come back home to Australia and join the team at Airtree Ventures, I knew I’d be jumping back into..

James Cameron Jun 12, 2017

How Airtree invested in Prospa’s $25m round reveals which start-ups get cash

Airtree Ventures’ Craig Blair has a lot of money to invest in start-ups, but the firm has strong criteria to direct it the right..

Craig Blair Mar 17, 2017

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