AirTree Ventures

Varya Foreman

Operations Coordinator

Originally hailing from Russia, I graduated from USYD in 2014 with a B. International and Global Studies; majoring in IR and Japanese Studies. Certain that I'd head towards a career in diplomacy and foreign affairs, I took a complete turn and landed my first full-time role at a startup called GoCatch - Australia's local answer to the global giant Uber. There I headed Driver Relations for two years, building the rideshare service from the ground up and working across a number of key areas including operations, support, marketing, communications, as well as product and office management.

Following my passion for startups, innovation and the myriad of industry changing opportunities that tech has to offer Australian businesses, I joined AirTree in mid-2017 as Operations Coordinator. My day to day tasks involve managing general office operations, assisting with scheduling and being one of the first points of contact for all things AirTree. Now working on the flipside of startups in venture capital, I feel extremely grateful to not only be a part of the amazing AirTree team, but also to be closely involved with the founders that make up this great Australian startup ecosystem.

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