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Secure Code Warrior

Empowering developers to be the first line of defence in application security

Secure Code Warrior adds a powerful layer of cyber protection in a way that is simple, scalable and positive.

With one powerful platform, Secure Code Warrior assists to empower developers with the tools and knowledge to think and act with a security mindset every day, securing the code they build from the very start of production. Companies can scale secure coding excellence as individuals and development teams build, verify their application security training, gain real-time advice and monitor ongoing skill development. The platform is an immersive, gamified experience that is far more relevant and engaging than traditional classroom training.

Founded 2015 by world-renowned security experts Pieter Danhieux and Matias Madou, Secure Code Warrior has experienced hyper-growth, counting many Fortune 250 companies among their clients, including 16 of the world’s top 100 banks and the top 6 Australian financial institutions. This platform is setting a new standard of application security in a world of increasing cyber risk.

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Year Founded: 2015
Partnered: 2018

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