AirTree Ventures

Craig Blair

Founder / Managing Partner

Over the past 17 years I have been fortunate to be a principal/partner in two of Australia’s leading venture funds: netus and AirTree where I have led deals, supported founders and helped achieve exits. 

I have also founded a number of software companies spanning Travelselect (1998) – a venture-backed online travel company based in the UK that successfully exited to in 2002, Beamly Australia (2012) – a TV second screen business backed by Comcast/NBC, Sky and Network Ten and was founding Chairman of PetCircle (2012) – Australia’s leading subscription e-commerce player for pet owners.

I love the way that technology democratises markets by creating transparency and challenging the status quo. I also love the crazy pace of growing a startup and the way rewards flow to founders through their hard work, their ability to harness a laser-like focus on specific problems, and a dose of good luck.

I was originally an engineer and, for my sins, I have also spent time as a strategy consultant and an investment banker.

I have a Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) from the University of Sydney and an MBA from INSEAD.

My hope is that I can bring a few salient lessons from my experience as a founder and investor across a range of software businesses, and provide teams with useful and pragmatic ways to build their companies into great ones. I love sharing this journey with passionate founders.

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